The NEOTECH® technology is the most recent innovation by M.A.SILVA, and has revolutionised the market for technical stoppers, through a continuous and automatic process which uses controlled steam and pressure to expel TCA and other volatile compounds from the cork granules.

It is used to guarantee high quality in SILKTOP® stoppers and VIVA® sparkling wine stoppers, as well as in micro-agglomerated NEO® stoppers.

The granules are moved from the steam area directly to the drying area, eliminating the risk of cross contamination by microorganisms.

The continuous granule feed of the NEOTECH® technology allows high production volumes.

Beyond eliminating TCA, the NEOTECH® technology actually improves the physical properties of the granules; eliminating their stratification; as well as standardising the performance of the natural characteristics of cork.

All granules come from raw materials carefully selected at M.A.SILVA’s raw material centre, located in the heart of the Alentejo.

Advantages of the NEOTECH® technology

No mechanical intervention No mechanical intervention

The granules are transported through vibration.
The natural elastic memory of the granules is preserved.

Ecological and sustainable Ecological and sustainable

No chemical solvents.
Use of controlled pressure and steam.

fluidised bed technology The granulate is treated with fluidised bed technology for molecular interaction with the gaseous substance

The gaseous flow goes through and involves all the cork particles, thus creating conditions for rapid mixing, turbulence and sterilisation.
Highly optimised TCA removal, for ND levels.

Consistency of the granules Consistency of the granules through treatment

Homogeneous efficiency in all cork granule sizes.
The consistency and natural appearance of the granules is preserved without cellular structure destruction.

Increased transfer of mass and heat Increased transfer of mass and heat

Product consistency.
Improved effectiveness and technical performance of the final product.

Rehumidification and treatment cycles Rehumidification and treatment cycles

Humidity is under constant monitoring.
Physical performance of the granules is ensured.