BEEO® was born following MASilva’s continuous investment in R&D and Social & Ecological awareness.
Continuous product development led to the creation of a new cork stopper, with unique disinfection and treatment processes. BEEO® stoppers are recommended not only for all biodynamic organic wines, but also for brands and wines that have sustainability concerns.
We believe this is the way to go, and we get our inspiration from the best engineer ever: Nature.
The hexagon is ubiquitous in nature, from rock formations, to precipitation and even the animal kingdom.
It is Nature´s perfect shape, optimized by millions of years of evolution. Most of the benefits of cork come from its specialized structure. Its cell walls are closely-packed for maximum strength and the individual cells are linked in a honeycomb hexagonal structure, which allows it to stretch and contract. Cork retains unique qualities of flexibility, elasticity and compressibility, ideal for the demanded responsibility of protecting the world´s finest wines.
Raw material origin
The BEEO® corks are manufactured from cork planks sourced from properties managed according to biological agriculture principles, in which, there is no use of pesticides nor genetically modified organisms.

Washing and disinfection
The washing and disinfection processes minimize the use of chemical products. Natural cork stoppers do not present any residues of chemical products whatsoever, because they are disinfected with an aqueous solution saturated with ozone, which is decomposed later and leaves no residues on the cork stoppers. There is no usage of hydrogen peroxide.

Surface coating, that contains bee wax, was exclusively conceived so that these cork stoppers are totally fit to biodynamic organic wines.
BEEO® natural cork stoppers are uniquely fire branded and can be used in all types of still wines, independently of the ageing period and bottleneck profile.

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